Full screen mode

(Rooser) #1

Just loaded 1.2 demo. Full screen mode doessn’t fit in the screen size anymore. I haven’t changed anything on my setup, monitor is set to 1280x1024. Full screen used to fit? Any ideas!

Did something change in 1.2?

(phazze) #2

Go to Control Panel / Display Properties.
Setup desktop resolution to 1024x768 in High Color. This is default Renoise resolution. Adjust your monitor so that image fits the screen correctly (controls on your monitor).

Now when you start Renoise all should look fine.

Renoise defaults to 1024x768/16bit color and in 1.25 which is nearly ready for release (and further versions) you’ll be able to switch this resolution to match your desktop resolution.

There are no changes from 1.0 -> 1.2 regarding full screen mode so it must be your monitor (hardware) controls setup or if you installed new graphics card drivers they might modify display (reset it) in 1024x768 which as I understand is not your default resolution for desktop.