Full-screen Renoise Overrides My Color Profile!

I have used Adobe Gamma to calibrate my TFT’s colors, but when I full-screen Renoise it discards the adjustments of my color profile! This is annoying, my screen’s gamma is f****ed and everything is briiiiiiight! x|

I suspect Adobe Gamma has no effect upon Direct3D drivers, because as soon as you turn Renoise full-screen, Direct3D is being used to it’s full extend.
This is a reason why Renoise performs better in Full-screen, because some of the CPU tasks in “software mode” (sort of speaking actually) are being handed over to the GPU of your graphics card.
Ever considered adjusting your Renoise theme to a colourrange that works fine for you in full-screen mode?

My Renoise performs better in windowed mode.

No. Thank you for your explanation.

Sounds like time for a new graphics card.

Radeon 9800Pro @ XT @ FireGL ain’t good enough?

Owhno, the card in general is a-okay, but it might be broken.

I had an 9800pro 256MB, but something was not right about it and i noticed this when playing games like Splinter Cell or F.E.A.R (Sudden system hangups) and Adobe Photoshop (spontaneous reboots).
Nothing wrong when just doing any other ordinary desktop jobs though.

Maybe I then must check it out with, what was that bench program called? 3dmark?