Fun With 2.7

I’m just loving the newest version of Renoise, it’s just so much easier to use and craft tunes with. Here are two quick unfinished ditties made internally:

And something pre-2.7 for good measure: … ==>

The first track is cool, though I wish it used a different/bigger drumkit. The piano is awesome in this.

The second is just fucking awesome. Please make a track from it.

defo do something w tht second track, not that first one isn’t good…just second one is more my style and has definite instant appeal.

so u find 2.7 easier? how so?

I enjoy being able to layer samples and map velocities etc…but the workflow is the same to me…

then again i still dunno what I am doing in renoise…still tons of things i don’t use and have yet still to learn about…

but that is half the fun, knowing there is still yet tonsss to learn!!

interested to hear your thoughts :walkman: