Fun2step.rns Senddevice Question

In the Song Fun2Step.rns…
on, lets say, Pattern 17 there is this kind of echoing Effect. If you mute all Tracks exept the Bd (Basedrum) and StringsEmu and of course S01 you can hear the Effect.
I just dont understand why its gone when i mute the Basedrum Track.
I thought the S01 Send-Track makes that effect. Maybe i havent understood how the Senddevice thing realy works. There must be some kind of Feedback on the Strings or what??
Please dont let me die stupid…thanks.

Well, first of all, it’s not only the compressor on S01 causing the feedback effect, it’s the compressor on the master track as well.
Try reroute your strings to s00 (which does not contain a compressor) and turn off the send-device in your s00, then play pattern 17 again, you’ll notice no change.

I don’t know if the compressors should modulate upon eachother this way or really supposed to behave independantly.
They currently seem not independant.

(btw, try track 17 with “keep source” on your strings senddevice…you can hear the sound modulate in a more obvious way)