Functional Renoise Wallpaper - Why Not Share?

I figured I’d share as this has been useful for me. I have a double-display setup here, my right monitor displays what I’m attaching and all other space is either blank or a layout of every hardware synth in my arsenal’s cc mappings plus a visual diagram of the said hardware’s cc sends via whatever knobs/sliders/buttons exist on the hardware.

I slimmed down the right monitor’s wallpaper just to share w/ the renoise community as I’ve found this concise yet complete reference helpful.

Ok now back to actually making music! Currently getting set up for RPM 2011 !


nice and usefull!


Thank you! :)

really nice. i took the liberty of mirroring it and adding a link to this on my online Renoise Cheat Sheet, with the proper credits due of course. if you mind, i’ll be sorry but i’ll take it off. just trying to gather useful Renoise resources in one place. check it out, you might find some of it of use.

(if you have trouble finding it, go to the ‘Effects’ tab and look bottom right of the illustration)

Hi there! Very nice wallpaper!

Is it possible to make a version with only the hexidecimal stuff at the right? I’ve been using Renoise for such a long time now, that I know all the other stuff from my head. However, hex stuff still ceases to confuse me from time to time :D

Also, is it possible to have the right monitor to display another wallpaper than the main screen?


Good idea.(even though we can get commands from ui now)
Wallpaper looks good. What would improve it, at least for my taste is making texture a bit settle.
It should just give a hint of a texture. Now the texture gives a bit restless feeling.

great wallpaper. set on the desktop.

Really good walpaper ^_^

I wish you can make it also smaller like 1024 x 768 ^_^

This is realy great idea, and wallpaper looks nice.

Ok it’s been a bit… but I wanted to share again on this thread since I started it :)

To tackle some of the suggestions here I’ll just post the components as pngs w/ alpha, so you can use em with something like geektool if you’re on a mac… or just composite them into your own desktop wallpaper of choice using gimp or photoshop.

Here’s an example, Im using geektool here to load each of these as a floating image on my desktop w/ 50% transparency…

Download the components:

Decimal to Hexadecimal
Effect Column Effects
Volume & Panning Column Effects

Enjoy! feel free to move this into the wallpapers section so more can find this… I can’t do that.


Hey, very useful. The bad thing is that I dont want to change my Kate Moss wallpaper.
Another things: Five minutes ago I was reading about the microwave XT. Is that a vst???

You don’t have to… that’s why I uploaded the components… I’m displaying them over the desktop on floatable palettes called “geektools

no its a design i created that shows all ccs of all knobs and also highlights the params which are only changeable via remote… i’m creating a ctrlr for it.

Nice! Wonderful picture. Maybe I need to change my moniker to “Kate Lover”.
I dont have Mac OSX, but I suppose something similar exist for windows (anyways, Im thinking in a “hackintosh”)

Dou you own that synth???

Yes, bought it for 600 bucks barely used in 2001, and haven’t been bored since.

Cool, seems amazing, capable of a lot of sounds. I read that the guys from Microstoria use it a lot. Perfect for a Knob Twiddler

WOW!!! This ROCKS!!! THANK YOU MSepsis!!!


try this, should work