Funny Ascii Rns Anim

watch this

My browser crashed when tried to review the source

use carefully. maybe try mozilla firefox, works fine here. :)

Naajs! :D


I was using mozilla firefox, 1.0PR :huh:

oh, my is version 0.8.
anyway, sourcecode is not that exciting :rolleyes:

nice thing, very impressing! :)

I bet it’s done with AALib…

Looks great. AALib rules!

better do not, it´s not AALib

it´s based on my old terminal shader here.

funny stuff, looking good.
the other anims are pretty pretty as well and dont miss that renoise anim in slow, looks schmoov! :yeah:

Damn, those are awesome!

I use Firefox 1.0PR and it works fine here…

Ah, ok.

However, if I already said about AALib…

See this demo:

looks very nice… is there source code available somewhere? ; ) btw. im interested in textmode demos as well… have you seen superkiller or infekt? : )

nah, you don´t wanna to see the code. <_<
you know, it works somehow and thats weird to me ;)

yeah, nice demos.

It’s available on that page I linked to in my post ;)

yeah, better use that one ;)