Funny Quit Messages

Just like the topic says :yeah:

See sig.

Or howabout: Cubase users press [Exit]

how about:

do you really want to quit?
[Yes] - [no]

how about:

q: “do you really want to quit?” a: no / no
q: “bored already?”
q: “is your close friend in grave danger?”
q: “what is your favourite color” a: yellow/blue
q: “Reason?” a: “no thx, renoise is better”


it was so cool in ft2 … and many times it really worked to trick my mind … :)

to B-complex
q: “Reason?” Please select one)
1: “no thx, renoise is better”
2: “no thx, renoise is better”
3: “no thx, renoise is better”
4: “no thx, renoise is better”

i think its better)))))


Are there any easter-eggs in renoise?

Mmmm chocolate automation…

If you use the proper combination of DSPs, nibbles will appear! :o

For the sake of clarity I thought I’d load up FT2 and write down all the messages it spat at me:

  • Did you really press the right key? : [Yes] [No]
  • Musicians, press >Cancel<. Lamers, press >OK< : [OK] [Cancel]
  • Dost thou wish to leave with such hasty abandon? : [Yes] [No]
  • Hope you’re doing the compulsory “Exit ceremony” before pressing >OK<. : [OK] [Cancel]
  • Hey, what’s the matter? You’re not quitting now, are you? : [Yes] [No]
  • Are you just another boring user? : [Yes] [No]
  • Rome wasn’t built in one day! Quit really? : [Yes] [No]
  • Do you think DOS is more amusing than music? : [Yes] [No]
  • Hope ya did some good. Press >OK< to quit. : [OK] [Cancel]
  • Fasttracker… : [=(] [Rules]
  • Do you really want to quit? : [Yes] [No]
  • Are we at the end of a FastTracker round? : [Yes] [No]
  • Did you really press the right key? : [Yes] [No]
  • So, you think you can quit this easily, huh? : [Yes] [No]
  • Tired already? : [Yes] [No]
  • Is there a reason for abandoning the editor? : [Yes] [No]
  • For Work and Worry, press YES. For Delectation and Demos, press NO. : [Yes] [No]
  • Quit? Only for a good reason are you allowed to press >OK<. : [OK] [Cancel]
  • Enter the dull world of MS-DOS? : [OK] [Cancel]
  • You are a lamer, aren’t you? Press >OK< to confirm. : [OK] [Cancel]

There may be more, but that’s all I got for now.