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Before i came across Renoise i rarely used effects. But now i use them like mad. The only problem is (even though ive got over 100 Vst’s) that all the Vst’s ive got do the same. For example i have about ten EQ’s, 15 Flange’s and dozens of Filters. I have a couple of odd effects like one called Humaniser. Other than that theres not much else.

Are we goin to stick to these same effects forever? is anyone developing new and exciting effects?

Just A Thought

i’m doing some experiments in reaktor… different kind of distortion, vowel changing… but it’s not so easy to get good result in searching of new effects nowadays… but reaktor’s resynthesis gives more space for that though…

yeah, its hard to find some really new vst-plugins. actually its not bad, since VST is free to develop there are plenty of strange effects out there, compared to dx-plugs. however, as already said, if you have a “do it yourself” feel, you can really go for reaktor, has the most possibilities when it comes to experimental stuff. but it can be very hard and boring sometimes to work on that stuff.

indeed: reaktor is the only REALLY customizable synthetizer: it’s just like you have an infinite number of hardware elements (logic ports, oscillators, sequencers, and so on) ready to be put together.

It’s not just a modulat synth: it’s a synth construction kit

The most exiciting (at least for me :rolleyes: ) thing I’ve ever made with Reaktor is an effect I’ve called “alienizer”, which turns everything into a primal alien scream :D

you can listen it at work on this mp3 called
Inner Screams,
which is made playing a bass guitar with real-time Reaktor processing.

If you have Reaktor 3.05 I can share this effect with you. (I’ve the registered version, don’t know if it works with other versions, but doesn’t work with 3.04 for sure)

I’ve also created a 5 oscillators arp-synth which is fully controllable via ReNoise. As soon as I will have some new electro-inspiration instead of progressive-rock one, I’ll give it a try :)

Damien wrote:

try here:

Smart Electron:x

Especially the destroyfx plugins. Awesome.

Also you could take a look at Tobybear’s site and maybe also check out the KVR-VST site which lists a very wide selection of free plugins - some of which are pretty crazy (though most, as you say, are just 2-pole filters and bog standard reverbs etc).

Hope this might help


knows anybody a DirectX to VST adapter?!?!? ;) (my future of Effects in Renoise ;) )


thats a dx to vst adapter, but you will get high latency with alot of dx-effects. not all though.

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Looza… Have you made any renoise songs yet?
I’ve heard many of your TDR releases and it would be very interesting to see what you can do with renoise.

there are a few which will either be released on tdr soon or I will upload them on the renoise page. I will tell you when its done :D oh and btw, the smiley for ; ) is completely wrong, did no one notice yet ?

;) Yep, I think we had a discussion about that some time ago.

I dunno… it looks more like chewing on something with one eye open… or has got something in his eye… weird…

I think a new " ; ) " should be the renoise teams number one priority.


…what? No… my eye’s fine.


this morning I woke up and realized that my “little Chemistry” pack had an hole from which flowed some drips of sulphuric acid, right on my face!!!

now look here => ;)


smartelectron:X / dFX is such great stuff!!!

another thing i play attention to is database audio, all free stuff! good plugins section …

and if none of that satisfies you … yes, reaktor is great but also rather expensive. not a problem for some of us :ph34r: … but if you are on a budget + looking to build some interesting effects of your own (and then be able to save them as VST!) be sure to check out SYNTHEDIT!

also here:
kvr-vst… news on free & not-so-free VST plugs.