Completed for the ARCONIC project, I present a new low key web-EP titled “Futurology” - 3 ARC based tracks in the progressive minimal ambient style. Because we love you we present high quality VBR mp3s for you to download and annihilate to:

in preparation for the war
negative temperature broadcast
watch the ocean rise

These are less melodic and concerntrait on sonic architecture and hypnotic tension - and have been designed so that Arc-DJs can use them to add texture to their Soundfields. I will also be using the textures in my songs in the future to add background tension.

Ok enjoy the tracks… Number 3 is especially good on earphones on the first listen!

Feedback is warmly welcomed :rolleyes: .

Yo, not much feedback from these… Does everyone think I’m mad?

well, summer & vacations probly hit most of us, don’t you reckon?

anyway, I had a listen through… these are, as you intended, textures and is
not easily embraced… I guess they’ve to be xperienced in context… one has to
see the performance (or whatever the intended use is) , so to speak, to be fully able to appreciate them…

personal thoughts though: there were a lot of hard panning going on, and in
a quite fast seq regarding the otherwise slow tempo… also, “in preparation…”
and “negative temprature…” had, imo, a wee bit much reverbed (static) noise… but maybe
that is needed if played in open areas or a huge hall… I don’t know… ;) :rolleyes:
“watch the ocean…” has some interesting moments and is technically very nice.
the dry to wet effect in the begining works well and is nicely done. maybe a return of a dry sound later in the piece could add something to the otherwise
very reverbed sounds… but then again, as you stated on the web-page, this is on the arty side…

see ya,


well i loaded one up the other day and saw that it was 20 minutes long and didn’t have enough time to listen to the whole thing… i will try to get down and dirty with these sometime this week and give ya some feedback :walkman:

Hey Foo :)

Have been listening to these tracks… and I must say that I enjoyed listening even if those are just “textures”… as you say.
Maybe because I enjoy the humming of my refrigerator too… and I’m broke to every kind of noise-industrial approach… :D

Since we mentioned…

This is what’s puzzling me the most :blink:
Am I totally missing a very trendy thing everyone else is aware of? because I don’t really know what ARC is… or a Soundfield… :(
wouldn’t you shed a little light? :)

i hadn’t heard of it either until he mentioned it the other day in the glitch thread… apparently ARC is a DJ’ing technique where DJs play two or more songs together simultaneously for most or all of their length (not just during the mix as in traditional dj’ing) to create more intricate sonic soundscapes. think orbital’s halcyon live version if you’ve ever heard that, they play bon jovi and belinda carlisle at the same time along with the halcyon song too, it’s pretty amazing.

i’m still not sure what the letters in ARC stand for though … ?

also Foo does this mean we can use your tracks as we wish? since you said “Arc-DJs can use them to add texture to their Soundfields”… i was thinking maybe i’ll play one in the back during one of my house music sets :D

Hey thanks for the feedback/resonance guys! Ah, good to see some people trying some weird music/noise.

dj io has read me correctly, ARC is as he states. ARC doesn’t stand for anything, it’s just a name we gave to it (I write it in capitals because I want it to stand out a bit for now while people don’t know what it is). We’ve been doing it for a few years now and didn’t know what to call it (though it was giving us maximum goosebumps). My friend thought of arc because the tension is like an arc of electricity jumping across from an annode to a cathode… as does with the many layers of music.

It’s not widespread as yet, though every DJ we meet we try to encourage them to try it out, instead of doing really tired things like simple beat mixing and one song at a time. You can go as thin or as thick as you like. The Soundfield refers to ‘sonic canvas’ you can fill up with your layers of songs and textures. When we DJ on radio, we drop in all sorts of stuff like songs, static, satelite feeds, interviews, live performing artists who plug into the desk and jam along, old mangled cassettes. Anything.

Absolutely. You may use them in your live sets as much as you like. Anyone can. However, if you want to use them in composition you better contact me first on that. Live… anything goes. Mash it up!