FX Chain Automation OR Track Automation


I’ve got a drum loop in the sampler, with slices. To have the slices sit in the mix nicely I’ve got each element (kick, snare, ghost, high) going to a different fx chain. For part of the song I want to have a filter sweep up just for the snare.

A: First I tried automating the FX chain effects. But, it seems that you can’t do this? Is this correct? Any workarounds? I’ve tried both the automation lane and commands, neither seem to work.

B: I’ve tried using an LFO, but then that keeps running throughout the song, I can’t seem to be able to get it to turn off or on at certain points. Automation for FX chains could work, but you can’t do this (unless I’m wrong?).

C: I just thought that a very complicated workaround would be to use the custom LFO and have the length as the whole length of the song and then you could get it to go up/down at certain points, but that seems incredibly complicated for what should be an easy effect to apply (in all other DAWs anyway); and I’m not sure exactly how to do it anyway so the LFO would start at the beginning of the song and stay in sync.

D: I then tried copying and pasting the snare section I want filtered into a different track, thinking that I could automate the sweep for that specific track (again, not ideal, FX chain automation would be much more preferable), but have found out that that doesn’t work either. The tracks you input on don’t seem to have any effect on the notes you input. No track FX/vsts/plugins seem to work/have any effect on the tracks in the pattern editor. If you’ve sent something to an FX chain then only the FX chain effects can effect it (again, automation for FX chains would make sense). Is there any way to work around this?

Is there any way to achieve the effect I’m aiming for?

Here’s what would make sense (if I could rebuild renoise to do what I want):

A: To be able to send FX chains to send tracks, rather than just other effects chains (this is a pretty standard feature in ALL other DAWs that I’ve come across).

B: To be able to automate FX chain parameters like you can other parameters in the pattern editor (again, standard feature in other DAWs).

C: For the track that your putting the notes onto to have an effect on the notes that you’re putting in them. Again, this is a (sort of) standard feature and seems odd for it to be any other way. It’s similar to routing/sending FX chains to certain tracks, but, in addition to the SEND track plugin you’re automating, or the FX chain plugin you’re automating, you could/should be able to automate (ideally in addition) the track that your note data is playing on. I’m not sure what order it would be in, but, just like in another DAW you can have a track with effects on it, which you send to another track/bus/aux that has effects on it, which you can in turn send to another track/bus/aux which has effects on it, AND, you can send it to multiple tracks/bus/aux at once for frequency splitting, etc.

D: Ideally all of the above.

These seems like pretty standard abilities of a DAW. I love a lot of what renoise can do, but I keep running into issues like this. I hope I’m wrong/that I’m just missing something, but I’ve looked and tried different things, but having no luck so far.

I’ve just realised that you CAN effect the FX chain for the track you’ve put the notes onto, BUT, this only works if you’re working internally in renoise. I want to send to an external DAW, with the sample FX chain (for eq), track effects for modulation in renoise, and then to go through the bus to the DAW for further effects.

I think the chain would look something like this.

Signal - Track (apply + modulate plugins) - Internal Sample/Instrument FX Chain (For static plugins such as EQ) - Bus (for further static plugins such as compression/EQ [in rewired DAW] and modulating plugins [in rewired DAW]).

Is there any way to achieve this? I’m aware that I could apply a filter sweep in the DAW I’m sending to, but, for ease of workflow and organisation I want to do it in renoise.

Maybe you could draw a small flowgraph, because I’m still not sure what you’re trying to achieve.

So, I either want to just automate the Instrument FX chain plugins individually, that would be ideal, but I’m not sure if I can do that. The above signal chain that I’ve written is (hopefully) better elucidated here (ignore the crossed out bit, couldn’t paint over it for some reason, using an art app that I hardly ever touch):

5091 Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 21.13.55.png

Well that didn’t help at all…

If you’re using samples you can use effects plugins and modulate them (via macros and midi-mapping) and have static effects/effects chains at the same time within the instrument.

If you’re using plugins as the sound source, within the instruments dsp chains you may only modulate features of the plugin itself, via midi or plugin instrument automation meta devices hidden inside doofers.

If you want to use a lot of song position dependant automation, then use the mixer tracks outside the instrument instead.

You can use groups and send tracks for your cause.

When using rewire, you can send the track/group/send track/master track output to a specific bus to your Rewire master DAW.

To have the renoise instruments available to the other DAW via midi, download a virtual midi port, make a couple of midi ports, and in renoise, go to your instrument’s midi tab and choose the midi port/channel you’ve created as midi input, now in your Rewire master DAW, trigger that midi port.

I don’t know why, but macros weren’t working before (for other newbs out there, I possibly was trying to assign something like the graphical EQ or filter rather than the slider accessed through the full view of the plugin, this didn’t work, but the slider does). I thought that Sampler FX chains were unautomatable.

Macros do what I want.

Thank you.