Fx Freeze And Renoise


While working with renoise, the VST FX Freeze from http://www.fxfreeze.com did not work. Did anyone try this ? and did it work ?

Tried it + it doesnt work, If you do a search you will find threads on this. Dont know whether it is the VSTs fault or renoise`s??

Thanks Ledger, The rason it wont work is that there is no wave file saved. I do not understand why exactly, but I hope the renoise team will come up with an answer. It would really be great if it worked.

Yeah i really hope too Freeze FX will works in 1,5…i neeeeeeeeeeeed it!!! ;)

Maybe you should cantact FXfreeze also, so that they can make it work inside Renoise?

Yup I’d LOVE to see this work in Renoise. All these tasty reverb impulses are so damn cpu hungry, it’s silly really :)

Any chance of a comment from a dev member?

Without having it tested very well, I would guess that the powersaving in Renoise is the problem (DSPs are switched off when they produce no sound). Ill see what I can do …

Cheers :)