Fx Show Status (On Cursor Selection) Keybinding And Toolsmenu For Now

ok so this topic "Cursor On Effect, Show Effect At The Bottom"
got me started for my first lua script but I need your help
[s]–TODO LOts
– local fx_colum_value_device = fx_colum_value ifnot nil or 0 get firth character + 1
– local fx_colum_value_device_parameter = fx_colum_value ifnot nil or 0 get second character

I can’t find how to extract/read fx_colum_value in lua to get the first character for the fx_colum_value_device or the second character for the fx_colum_value_device_parameter[/s]

I don’t know to what observable to attach or not
I’m not a programmer at all so commented sample code is welcome
xrnx of what i did for now below

show the effect name + effect parameter on the status bar, when the key binding for ‘Tools:Show FX Status Message’ is pressed or when you go to menu:tools: dupoxy scripts: Show FX Status Message


  • get attempt to index field ‘?’ (a nil value) error ? main.lua:146
  • find how to update status on cursor movement
  • find how to filter out Sample Commands and Global Commands F 0

updated to 0.3

  • cleanup

updated to 0.2

  • extract/read fx_colum_value in lua

To be continued lua script 0.2

extract/read fx_colum_value in lua:

-- The currently edited column in the selected line in the edited  
-- sequence/pattern. Nil when a note column is selected.  
 local fx_column_value = renoise.song().selected_effect_column  
s = string.sub(tostring(fx_column_value), 1, -3)  
sdevice_parameter = string.sub(s, 2, -1)  
sdevice = string.sub(s, 1,-2)  

thanks for reading

I can’t image it will make any difference to the functionality of your script but it might help readability to others:

Firth is not a word* I believe what you mean is first.

*Well there is the river Firth and sure it’s also a name but you get what I mean.

I get what you mean

do you plan to make this automatic so one doesn’t constantly have to keep running it?

don’t know how to do that but will try.
should make it work on 2.8 firth but it’s been a long time so I’m a bit lost.
any pointer,link to help

Is there any chance you could re-write (=edit) the original first post, so that it says what it currently does, without strikethroughs and half-comprehendable (at least to me) sentences? :)