Gabriel Ananda Remix Update

I just realized I never posted the finished remix as well the second remix I did here on the board.

Problem is I cant put a link here since they are very strict with legal issues, a few peope at foem already got warnings because they had the track at their myspace account and similar, so if you are interested you will need to drop me a mail. or just answer here with “I want it” and if you have your email in your profile I will send it to you.

but anyway, you will get the first remix in its finished version (now called the wodka and redbull remix) aswell as a dubby, dark, minimaltech remix called the weed and chocolate remix.

and sorry for the hassle, but I dont want to be disqualified because they find a link with google or something.

Me goes first :)

…listening to the weed&chocolate mix the third time now.
I think…I some kind of… you know… ‘like’ it :)
And it’s just the third time because the song lasts eight minutes. This is going to be a long and hard night for my speakers.
I just love the bassline and the groove is just freaking me out!