Gain Slider In Dsps

Hi! :)

So, first of all: renoise is a fantastic DAW!
Incredible accurate timing and extremly fine sound processing.
It must be programmend in assembler! ;)
No floating windows, tracking i.p.o. piano rolling (“Did i hit ‘F’? Oh no, missed again, it was the ‘E’”)

What i miss is a simple gain slider for DSPs,
for example for the filter. When i cutoff
lots of frequencies the rest needs definetly to be boosted.
Of course workaround is possible, but imho its
more straight forward and effective to have the
gain in the volume affecting DSP.

Further more i miss to switch the effect on/off by automation.
But i guess i’m just too nooby to find out how to…

Edit: Ha! Found it out! I just missed it in the automation,
but it can be done by pattern command 1F01. :D


there’s a native Maximizer machine. Boost knob will do ya.
why bother adding a slider?

You can also try adding a gainer effect somewhere after the filter to boost your signal.

Hm… maybe you are right and gain can be compensated otherwise. I’ll check again…