Gainer Problem In Automation!


I am working on a track right now.

I have open…

Sonalksis SV-315mk2
dblue glitch

In the automation window, the Gainer details will not open!! I can’t select anything…

The other two plugin details open fine. Weird.

I need to attenuate baby! I have shoved a cheap EQ plug in place of the Gainer to get some volume control, but I would love this to work…

Bug alert.

why using an EQ to get volume control? can’t you use another gainer or a compressor?

What do you exactly mean with “the Gainer details will not open!! I can’t select anything…”? That the gainer is present in the automation list, but no parameters are visible?
What means “I have open…”? That you have added them to a track?

Guess you already tried clearing the search field on top of the automation list?
Also note that you can collaps the parameter settings by clicking on that small “+/-” icons.

@It-Alien . I was using an EQ plug to attenuate volume because the Gainer did not work.

@Taktik . Yeah, the Gainer appeared on the automatiion list, but the parameters were not available.

Update: I shut Renoise down and restarted and the problem is gone. Weird. I have not had any problems since, so cheers for the responses. I will report back if it happens again, but it seems to be fine now.


ok, but wouldn’t another gainer work better than an Eq? the Eq will attenuate the sound on certain frequencies, while the gainer will multiply the sound by a constant.

use another gainer. for example, the Steinberg VST SDK has a simple gainer in its exampler, but you can obviously use a compressor with no knee and a negative gain.