game idea

Hey if overkill/starbreeze/fastracker2 guys are here or whoever else. i got a game idea.

make a super hard video game, like serious fuckin hard,

and the map would just be like a few blocks in a ghetto,

london ghetto, or newyork ghetto, la ghetto, whatever ghetto, but ghetto. and every part of it is open.

and you grow up in the ghetto, starting at like 10 years old, some dude is like hey I need you to run these drugs over there, and you gotta make sure to avoid the cops and other gangsters. And while you sneak around trying not to get caught or killed or shot, you find things like drug stashes and bullets and thrown away guns.

You keep going through doing these kinds of missions and get jumped into a gang at some point, if you ever get caught though the entire game changes to prison game, where you have to do prison stuff, like riots and racists stuff.

at some point in prison or outside you can get an option to go to church and get baptised, if that happens, when you get killed you immediately start back in bed when you wake up each day.

at release you sell DLC packs to get drones with remote guns, armored cars with big wheels, more monsters in your crew to protect you and do more revenge stuff.

If there’s an online version, the old guys go around recruiting the young bucks to do all the crime for them.

Maybe it could have Eminem on a space hopper?

Hitler in his undies riding a my little pony pony, fighting furries.