Game Terrains, Heightmaps, Colormaps

When I read the post about TrackMania, it made me start thinking about some of the terrains I had made using fractal images for both the heightmap and the colormap, but I haven’t been able to get them imported into any truly good graphics engines. I’d like to work with someone that knows how to make mods for good graphics engines, like the newest Unreal Tournament engine (which I can’t do anything with unless I knew how to adjust every aspect of gameplay–it doesn’t let me modify an already existing mod to have this type of terrain, it forces me to start from scratch), or the Delta Force Extreme engine. Previously I had put these terrains into Delta Force 2 and 3, but because the gameplay itself couldn’t be changed, and most of all, the graphics engines for those games suck so bad and they’re not played much anymore because of it, I couldn’t get much interest in this sort of project. To get an idea of the type of thing I’m talking about, go to this link: --granted, these pictures are using a somewhat poor graphics engine as well (it’s screenshots from within a program desinged around creating terrains), but it’s the best I could get going.

A game based on these sorts of graphics (that look like you’re travelling within a 3D fractal) could be quite the exploring type of game, and quite the adventure game. It might even still be fun just played as an FPS, but in some sort of alternate reality with strange weapons or something.

So far, I’ve never seen a single game use these types of graphics, and I’ve never seen this approach to fractals either.


i’d play it! though unfortunately i don’t know anything about game mods :(

you could always post a thread in like and probably some interested parties would come out of the woodwork and help you, you could even start your own team of crackpot developers!!! you might want to look into source, doom 3, or far cry engine. i remember reading some engine specs a year or two ago about one of the new engines coming out … it was supposed to support some kind of 3d texturing… the example they used was if you had a cube of marble, and cut it in 1/2, you would still see the colour grain lines running through it… i’m thinking that might be unreal engine 3? not sure if that would help out your project but it’s just an idea!!!