Let’s play a game. I made this in… 3 to 5 minutes. Next one, wave a flag here on the forum, (reply), download it, up a new version somewhere with one track added.

link to game.xrns

side note: would be cool if it was all overtune, but if anybody feels they have to play a mean guitar by it, or say you got clean Caro Emerald vocals or sth… that’s cool too :D

Added some Overtune.

new game.xrns is here

Added more overtune. <_<;;;

Here’s the new game!

next version!

This stuff’s getting out of sync though, if the next person wants to clean it up.


from now on
the flag is called like this:

-- I GOT NEXT --  

oh and I got it

then nowalata you can post the result and shout next like expected yeahhhh
may i say btw i am quite positive about how quick we can get music going it’s really cool… and it even plays on my 256mb ram, pentium <1ghz machine…
added like 3 tracks 2 instruments, bits of tuning, going to look for some instrumental samples now
it’s round 2 from now on.





I just working with sound and arrangement

plz write the music

that’s a good joke

the end!!!

yes jalex your joke ended it all :D but thanks for helping out…

so ) ok il finished in this weekend