Hey guys, If you remember Unreal this game brings some ish back (Here it is on steam). Totally different story, totaly different aspect. Check it out. I recomend it throughly!! just WOW! I’m new to steam but a diehard now



Not really that much of a gamer (or at least I try and not be, don’t loose my life to them) definitely not enough so to allow myself to get good enough at most to even attempt these massive online multi-player jobbies but this does quite interesting for me, being single player and bringing back more of the old puzzle aspects from what it says in the blurb. You rate it from your play so far then?

[center]Yeah, I’m not really a “gamer” either, got into WOW for a while (god pity my soul lmfao!) and I do play ALOT of DS but as far as computer games, other that the old skool ID Software freeware games like Comander Keen and shti… This game “the Ball” is fucking CRAZY!!! There is also a Horror game on steam called Amnesia which I’m getting really into and both of them are affordable… LONG LIVE STEAM!!! Defintly try it… or atleast watch the trailer on youtube for “the Ball” I really think you’ll like it ;)


Yeah got a bit too much into the RPGs in my time, have to admit I have been revisiting Runescape a little recently, heard good things about Ultima but it’s subscription is a little more than I really want to pay, but one off, don’t have to always be on game like this one do sometimes tickle my fancy…

I’ld rather play the adventures of Lara Croft (Tomb raider).
Puzzles seem way more challenging and aren’t based simply on just one object.

Currently i’m playing Red Faction:Guerilla or Just Cause 2.
Neither of these games are really challenging (not even in hard mode) but they are immensely fun.

Ever notice how even just talking about rpgs is really boring? :)

Prometheus, Hazard and Sanctum

Prometheus gets quite hard toward the end, especially so if you stop playing for a few weeks.
Coming back to it, begins to feel impossible.

Hazard, is remarkably mind bending, it’s just like a lucid dream in very distinct circumstances.

Sanctum is fun in that it requires constantly reconfiguring a maze.