Ohoy! Ive just released another song, though this is not the typical renoise/tracker stuff, i thought you still might find it a bit “interessting”

A sideproject called gametown, beside my band. :)

Press “last” to download or “lytt” to stream. This was formated to 128bits when i uploaded it, so its not the best quality. But it was recorded in a studio.…nd&band_id=2350

Feedback very appriciated!

Wow…Thats is a great tune!..I love it, I´d buy the record right away, no sh*t :D
You need to make one more version of that tune, with some bass, drums and maybe some strings and/or a piano…

I think it could be a hit, no doubt!


Thanks for good words Splajn!
However, im about to release the second version with drums and cello. Havent thought about piano though. Sounds like a good idea:) But more stuff from Gametown will come. As im in studio right now. A records deal sounds far away, but who knows? maybe someone will sign this sentimental boring stuff…

Time will see…

Luuuv dat tuune…

We make elektroluvvyduvvypop later, yeh? ;)

Here’s an idea: release the vocals, and let ppl remix! Would be a nice Renoise-project maybe?

Oh, and listening to your BB3-track that didn’t enter (and for that reason ALONE didn’t win), luvvin it! :D

But you already know that. Since I already wrote that to you in norwegian. Or drunkish norwegian, hihi…

lol. youre to kind osen! ;)

i could most definatly upload the vocals somewhere. but its not recorded after a (dunno what its called in english, metronom, pendel?) so it wouldnt hold the beat. wich is important for renoise users.

im still waiting for my processor to arive. propably this week. then we`ll finnish that song for sure! cause that was some great electroskillz!

if i had a site, i would upload that bb3 song that didnt enter. it propably wouldnt win anyways, it is a bit weird? :blink: