Gaming With Multiple Screens, Yet Using Only One Display

Having multiple displays is becoming an ordinary thing these days. But playing games on all these displays is not really my cup of soup, so i pick my biggest display as my main display for games to play.
However most games aren’t very clever in trapping your mousepointer to the perimeters of the primary display where the game is displayed.
As soon as you hover your mouse towards your other display and then click because you assume you are going to fire on the happy moment to blast your enemy, your game minimizes and you are now looking at two desktop displays.
(meanwhile if you are in a multiplayer session, your enemy is right now making toast of you).

As this started to become a frustration with many games i have, i started to look for a solution that allows you to lock down your mousepointer to the screen where your game is on and no longer rolls over to the other display(s) whenever you make a 360 degree turn in your field of view.

The best free solution that i found so far and is still working is the open source version of Swap Screen.
For me this suffices, because i only have two monitors.
I don’t know if it works perfectly on three monitors, but if not and you are into programming, you can download the source and adapt to your needs.

But solutions that work on tripple displays are also welcome. I guess there are folks that have three displays who don’t use all three for gaming.

I’ve always wondered what the pro gamers use, I would imagine it’s probably what you have just recommended.
I’m off and on with games but in order to just make sure it doesn’t happen I switch to dual view cloning the main to both.
However mostly with 2 monitors having the gaming monitor on top and the other monitor on the bottom, mouse would rarely ever make it to the bottom monitor, as one doesn’t spend much time looking at the ground. That changes though when you are traversing a 6 axes environment in something like shattered horizon.

Another way to do this is would be just having 2 computers, running synergy, and stopping the server when you game.