Gangster Bass Funk

or something …grab it!


also, here’s a link to my new ep on itunes (all renoise of course), though if you don’t wanna pay for it, you can just go ahead and listen to it on my virb (sig).


hey, looks great, but i only get 11,9 kb when downloading.
server is busy?

EDIT: checked it out on Virb. dig your stuff dude ^_^

When the topic is something like Gangster Bass Funk, I’m already jizzing my pants. Quite the way to get a diehard funkster’s attention eh.

On the song then, I like the synth sounds and the tiny guitar(?) playing one note rhythm. The composition itself is pretty decent, kinda the stuff I might do. The only really bad thing is the overall lightness the song has, production wise. And there are no vocals, biiiiig minus, especially in this sort of a genre. Some squeeky talkboxing or vocoder action would really do it for me.

Can I mix this in the manner I like my boogie funk taken? Here’s some reference of the sort of soundscapes I dig: -1- | -2-
Lemme know (and lemme at yer xrns!)

Got to check rest of your stuff, there’s never enough funk around these parts.

holy fucken shite, that’s some funky ass stuff you’ve got there, i would’ve never been so overly confident in the topic if i’d EVER heard something like this on here before, all i ever see is breakcore posts.

now, about my track, im quite happy with the production tbh, not sure what you mean by “lightness”, sure, the snare could be beefed up a bit, but it’s supposed to sound like a 707 snare, because it is. about the vocals, you’re right, i’ve got a rocktron talkbox sitting here collecting dust, im so bad with lyrics i never really get around to using it. oh well, think of it as tyrone brunson’s “the smurf”. ;)

about the xrns, it’s ok, this is a finished track, unless you’d like to make a proper remix (and have access to the same vst’s as i do).

anyway, thanks for commenting, always nice with some real feedback!

If you render tracks for me of the first part of the song (this is the chorus right?) I could work something out!

Keep on funkin’.

this is dope man :D

reminds me of some skweee!