Gearslutz name change

what is your opinion on this ‘i’m offended by anything’ action?

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Very political subject…

I thought the slutwalks had already established that “slut” is something good?

Don’t mind these kind of leftist ideas. Had they been truly concerned about people not getting offended, I think they would have started by addressing the more severe male bashing in mainstream media. The hypocrisy is real.


straight to the point!
So many important things to rant about, and all of a sudden it’s marginal topic… as usual

argument that i’ve read in the past minute

imagine if you are a teacher - how can you reference that oh boy, this is more funny than readable
if your teacher skills & knowledge depend on a public forum, then, regardless of the name, you have a problem… etc…

sorry for my rant but this is really funny topic

Surely, there are more important changes to be made.

Even so… I do believe “gearslutz” is intended to be a comical name, and as with all comedy it more or less relies on exploiting taboos. I don’t think they tread the line where it becomes tasteless… if so, this would be a pretty boring world.


I thought it´s a joke :worried:

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Have you watched Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone?.Thats were things are going thats the kind of society they want us to live in.


my thoughts…

I think this narcissistic sterilization of western society has to stop. It stems from spite/guilt and not much else.
Those pseudo-virtuous stances will not stop anytime soon if every powerful instance keeps complying.

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I can only agree with what has been stated so far.

I think those hipster hypocrats are unhappy with themselves.
So, in their desperate need for a bit of fame they go out and do those absurd things.
Spreading pseudo political correctness being one of them.


are they trying to slut shame ? I thought that was big no-no.

And why anybody would take look at I would be suprised if any petition from this site ever would made any change. Sites like this for me are email farming.

And i would be not suprised if that petition actually can generate a lot of traffic and free adverts for site and is welcomed.

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