Geeky triplet accuracy question

Hey, I’m working on a track where I need to sync manual notes with an external arpeggio playing triplet notes (16th).
Wouldn’t be a challenge if my project were in 12 LPB, but I’m using 16 LPB and also with groove settings. So - I’ve come pretty damn close, normally I would say more than close enough, but this one needs to be 100% tight due to many reasons.

Project details:
LPB: 16
TPL: 16
Groove settings: All sliders at 20%
(Pattern lines: 256)
(BPM: 123)

Is there a quick way to calculate values for the note+delay columns to find the ABSOLUTE correct triplets? :smiley:

edit: ok - i seem to need values for both with and without syncing to groove settings :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no easy way to do it, taking groove settings into account. The math shouldn’t be terribly difficult, but it’s also not something you’d want to calculate manually very often :slight_smile:

Without groove settings, the simplest way should be to use this tool: . I should probably update it with a mode that takes groove settings into account.

Great, thanks joule! Will try it out tonight!
Yeah support for groove settings would be an essential update i guess, but perhaps not done in a jiff? i picture a pretty complex math piece :stuck_out_tongue:

btw - worked like a charm, thanks again!
the delay values i was seeking turned out to be 55 and AB, while my original attempt used 30 and B0, so a bit smoother now :slight_smile: