"general instrument options"

While advanced instruments are really nice, I would appreciate to have a window for general instrument tweaks, for example when i want to control gain/panning/filter etc actions , i understand that you can do this via macros, but i think it’s contraproductive to have it blank and hidden from the begining, by default I think there should be some parameters set from the begining here at least Master volume and panning

also why in modulation you can’t edit it via points (envelopes) as one could from days of ft2 ? this is no backward thinking i find it more intuitive and working better than moving sliders in AHDSR box , while the new instrument window works, i think it’s workflow can improve a lot, for example, mapping parameters to macros,
“hold ctrl+drag the parameter to macros box” etc

If you prefer the point-based envelopes, then simply add an Envelope device to the chain, and ignore the AHDSR.

Or did you mean something else?

ok i know finally understand the purpose of the “visualisation” in modulation menu, but i find it kind of stupid,
why have such big window for visualisation when the window where you actually do something is so small (envelope)
maybe its planned for the future, but i think that this visualisation should be interactive, so you can change parameters
by accessing it, this is automation from 2.8 all over again,

i think its redundant too ? fader and adhsr is the same that you can achieve with envelope , LFO - why not have LFO in envelope with these parameters ?

in general, why is window where you actually change thins and should focus on so small compared to the visualisation ? its not at all intuitive

oh yeah one more thing i wanted to ask for with the general instruments option - i think this should be macros, where you set the main parameters you want to approach and edit, this macro section would act as the main window for instruments, and it would be third option in 3/3 section of gui where DSP chains and automation is now,
so when you browse your instruments you have quick acess to main parameters of it, while writing a track

Click “ext.editor” in the envelope box, and it uses the large upper part of the screen.

nice1, now if I could only save it as a default behaviour for new instruments

I am with you .;
the new envelope output display is a result of all the added modulators , while it looks nice and all , antialised etc…I don’t see why it has to be so big .
I also started a topic , about drawing in an envelope ( when maximized ) consumes way too much cpu

What’s wrong with selecting multiple samples of an instrument, either use control or shift while clicking the samples, than change sample properties (you need to expand the toggle to make them visible, left bottom corner of instrument editor).

For example; If you want the volume affected for all samples in an instrument, middle mouse click in the sample list to give it focus, press ctrl+a to select them all, change volume setting of the sample properties.

Or maybe you mean something else?

this is workaround at best, actually there is a general instrument option in macros including most important gain and panning options so it’s not that bad, but
i think to have simple basic general instrument options would be good, some default set of macro buttons set, and visible for someone looking for it…

i don’t want to go deep into instrument looking for a sample to change preferences or select all to do it, it should be more simple than that

I don’t understand what you mean with macros here? The eight dials when clicking the Macros toggle come up empty as default. On the same height as the Macros toggle to the right, there are global settings for volume and pitch of an instrument, I don’t see anything for panning here.

yeah I’m sorry I remembered it wrong, there’s global tunning there which i find as important, indeed macros are empty as default, but I think there should be
basic tweaks set on macros by default and macros should be available to access via main window in section of dsp chain and automation imo

Not quite, using points with adhsr only is quite hard to accomplish.

dblue == master of point envelopes

(srsly, he can find some really clever uses for it)

I’m curious what is the difference ? pardon my ignorance, but atm i’m quite sure I can do all phases of A,H,D,S,R with regular envelope and more than that too

You can’t control the envelopes through linkage with the macro knobs (thus automate them in the automation editor through added ‘*Instr Macros’ meta device in Dsp panel) like you can with the new A,H,D,S,R device.

No you can’t because the envelope represents various preprogrammed points and you can only macro control at most 8 points which makes the macro pretty worthless if you need more points to control. If you want to automate that, add an operand, either change the bipolar option or set the input value to 0 and simply macro connect the operand slider.
Now you can automate that slider throughout the whole pattern with the instr. macro device. -> It is a bit cumbersome if you really want to have multiple points controlled for example arpeggiation, but you either use the envelope in the chain or you simulate the envelop on the track.

The first thing that came to mind when reading your first post was “instrument templates”
(1) Tweak some sound to your liking, (2) save it as template and (3) any newly created instrument would be a copy of that sound

Sounds like something which could be useful, or?

Also, I’ve noticed that once you’ve expanded that box with the sample properties, and exit renoise, it’ll start up just like that again. It’s alright.
Oh and I guess the main reason for the visualisation is that you can combine virtually infinite modifiers, with ±*/, and the visualisation in that case is indispensable for verifying that you’re doing what you want to be doing. :)