Generate Track Names

What about maybe in the advanced options a “generate track names button” also with the option to do it for only none muted tracks.

It would pic the first instrument in each track or the most common or all? And put the name into the track names (ofcourse without the vsti prefix).

First I was thinking about having it so that it could be an option that would either be on or off and when on would automatically generates the tracknames depending on what instruments you put in, but a generate options would be less cpu heavy.

This would save you some time and would also be a quick way to make track names for old tunes that you have not named.

Sounds like a good idea!

Sounds reasonable but the point is that you need to have a truly well-named collection of samples… while usually people tend to have a bunch of 29.wav 35x.wav 04.wav bd024.wav snar03.wav etc etc… all nested in correctly named directories… so, in the end, instead of having to name tracks you end having to name instruments… and that’s even worst. :D

Its a good point, but you can allways correct the tracknames after you have applied the generete tracknames…

This feature is something that would be nice, but really a low priority kind of feature.

Not a problem if you use VST instruments…

Depending on which VSTI you use. I mean :Xorphysilator (Just made that up, don’t know if it exists) is pretty clear but eaf_und143 is not really clear.

I personally think this would be a good idea myself and posted something similar before, the difference here being that it would not be automatic (i.e. in advanced edit) which I think is actually better.

I think this as an advanced edit feature with unmuted tracks functionality as splajn suggested would bypass any probs of obscure sample names. Also now text editing is more painless I don`t think mistakes would be too hard to correct.

I would however ask that undo`s would work on this feature to avoid larger mistakes of wrongly renaming lots of tracks in an accidental/ badly thought out mouseclick.