Get Google Videos In Avi! Or Other

i see theres a ton of old archive type early 1900’s stock footage. at google video cant believe this stuff is in such good quality! actually see the flames before the nuclear wind comes, yeah its not the best, but lots better then a old vhs

being unsatisfied with this retarded gvp/flv formats, i looked for ways of conversion only to find something even better.

at the site you input the video links (you get) an it do somthing an give you multi-format linkage!
maybe work for you german guys too?

havent researched it enough to know whats going on, but it workY first time!!

-im trying to find a way to manhandle video very similar to the 09xx command an others, seems the easiest way so far is using gephex, the OSC experimentation is buggy. but, using Canvas (the java OSC sequencer) it should workY. seeing all this decent stock footage they have on google video makes it juuuuuuuuust right. Hey! Max Headroom, guess whos coming to dinner! B)

man I think I’m a little late on the whole video over the internet and youtube thing.

I just found a website where you can whatch a ton of anime for free…nime/index.html

holy shizzzzzz!! :blink:

what can I do to open all those videos in Mozilla? It’s only working on IE. <_<

working now, installed flash player :P

i was going to say maybe you could get to it by going to the spot on youtube that its hosted at?

then maybe that site keepvid could find it an be able to convert it?