Get Ready To Ditch Windows Completely...

We’ve already had three threads on this merged into one! Why start yet another one?

Its going to be interesting to see what happens with that… Don’t get me wrong, I’m sticking with Renoise, but it will be fun to see if… A. Bitwig gets released. B. Lasts more than year. C. Doesn’t get sued to death by Ableton Company…

The clip automation, is much like, “taking a knife, and stabbing your former colleagues with said knife, in the back multiple times.”

Oh and about switching to Linux Platform… It will be a cold day in hell before Cakewalk fixes all of Rapture’s bugs. Ports Rapture to Linux.

:D :lol:

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True, there are like a zillion bitwig threads… why am I even posting?

wow that real-time timestrectcher looks awesome. other than that, nothing drool-worthy if you ask me ;)

sorry im a bit late on the uptake of this…delete this thread as its unintresting.

reason why im sorta intested is that i use ableton with the band, its great for setting up clicktracks for each song and having stuff in sync with the drummer, cant do it as easily with other software, the clip launching is definiatly superior to anything outthere. but windows is a bitch, if any of the usb appliances are accidently unplugged, …have to restart ableton…mac and linux doesnt have this propblem as the hotplugging is better…

Nope, nope… I said interesting… Right up there, first words outta my mouth


Bitwig is really interesting, its like a mashup of ex t, bidule, ableton, and i dunno… ( any old daw – cuby, reaper, whatever )

If it comes out, and its stable for you, and it works for you, and you need it for Linux, I say, “go fer it!”

** I’m surprised Reaper doesn’t have a Linux Port… But then again, sometimes I do wonder about certain artifacts I hear in Reaper renders… AH… Story for another thread…

It’s been compiled for Linux. Look around the Renoise forum. I know the link to it’s around here somewhere.