Get Samples From Vst

i am interesting maybe exist some vst or features what get smales from my vst for example.
i dont know how to ask it but i will try to tell

for example i am writing some melo and use some vst after this i want get samles С С# D D# etc
thanks :drummer:

discoDSP HighLife can “freeze” a VSTi:

…Or Directwave by Image Line (an Argu creation if I remember corredctly, dont quote me though) - quite cool sampler, pretty cheap

doesnt he mean that he wants the wav output of his vst\s?

if yes then you can just render to selection your vst pattern.

or render each note you need and put it into an instrument.

or am i missing something here?

i need render each notes and replace instrument with this notes)


thanks to all. dblue it work)))
thanks guys)

That’s fackin awezum… bump so I’ll see this when I get home