Get Studio One Artist For 20,11$

just saw this in kvr

you can get the download version of studio one artist for 20,11$ during NAMM

i just bougt it,it doesent support vst and dont have rewire but still

copy/paste from kvr

PreSonus is celebrating the 2011 NAMM show by offering an absolutely insane deal on Studio One Artist. During the NAMM show, between January 13 and January 16, 2011, you can purchase a download version of Studio One Artist for only $20.11 USD. That’s 90% off the regular price!

this is the effects you get

Ampire - Amplifier-Modeling Plug-in
Analog Delay - Tape-Delay Emulation Plug-in
Auto Filter - Envelope Filter Plug-in
Beat Delay - Tempo-Synchronized Delay
Binaural Pan - Stereo Panning Effect Plug-in
Channel Strip - Dynamics Processing and Equalizer Plug-in
Chorus - Mono/Stereo Chorus Plug-in
Compressor - Mono/Stereo Variable Compressor Plug-in
Expander - Mono/Stereo Expander Plug-in
Flanger - Stereo/Mono Flanger Plug-in
Gate - Noise Gate Plug-in
Groove Delay - Multi-Tap and Tempo Synchronized Delay Plug-in
Limiter - Mono/Stereo Limiter Plug-in
Mixtool - Phase and MS Utility Plug-in
MixVerb - Mono/Stereo Reverb Plug-in
Multiband Dynamics - Mono/Stereo Multiband Compressor/Expander Plug-in
NI Guitar Rig LE - Amp-Modeling Plug-in
Phase Meter - Phase Correlation Analysis Plug-in
Phaser - Mono/Stereo Phaser Plug-in
Pipeline - Hardware Insert Plug-in
Pro EQ - Seven-Band Parametric EQ
Red Light Distortion - Distortion Plug-in
Room Reverb - Stereo/Mono Room Reverb Plug-in
Spectrum Meter - Frequency Analysis Plug-in
Tricomp - Three-band Compressor Plug-in
Tuner - Instrument Tuning Plug-in
X-Trem - Mono/Stereo Tremolo Plug-in
EZdrummer Lite - Virtual Drum Machine
Impact - Sample Trigger Virtual Instrument
Mojito - Analog-Modeling Subtractive Synthesizer
NI Kore Player - Virtual Instrument with Library
Presence - Sample Player Virtual Instrument
SampleOne - Sampler Virtual Instrument

just wanted to give a heads up to everyone that would like to try studio one

I suspect my primary suggestive question is also my own answer, but since you can test it out for sure:
Are the effects natively written for Studio one or can they be ported over to another DAW environment?

from what i can tell is that they are native to studio onei dont think they can be used in another DAW


i can say as much as theres a fairly awesome synth included called mojitojust made some great wobble-bass madness with it.

also theres a sampler(but havent tried that one yet)

a drum-machine kind of thingso its fairly easy to make beats

and some of the included effects are just awesome

i would sayif you are like meand re-sample alot,then this one is something for you

hmmm , on the site it says that it supports vst and rewire ( artist version ) …if it does, I am in

Man, I will not be buying anything else from Presonus.

Last week my 3rd Presonus unit out of 3 died of hardware failure.

It says that you can upgrade from the Artist version to the Pro version, and then you’ll have AU/VST and Rewire.

Check the product page for more info:

Notice that AU/VST and Rewire support are only listed in the features for the Pro version.

got some version of this when i got my audio box card. maybe i should try it out.

after i played around in artist yesterday,i decided to upgrade to pro,just for the sake of the included mastering suite(i was looking for something to master in anyway)

and of course the ability to be able to rewire and use vsts

im really happy about this,and i dont think i will be using ableton live intro very much anymore.

most of the extra downloadeble stuff is mostly loops and samples,i dont really need those for now,and presonuses servers are getting hammered,so downloads are really really slow

Hum, this is interesting, it seems people really like S1. How does Artist version “feels” compared to Reaper or Garageband (I know it’s more limited)?

Just take it from a fanboi and use reaper instead. Especially if you already have all the effects and mastering vst’s you could ever want. You can do all final mastering and cd burning right within the program. It’s cheap in price but powerful like renoise. Support them.

I got Reaper just a while ago (it recorded breath cc unlike Garageband) but I’ve no effect plugins whatsoever (except free or those of GB/Reaper/Renoise). I was just interested how S1 compares to it.

O i just bought it when i saw normal price in shop. But if i make update to pro version after 16 i hope it will still cost 200$ its says update any time.

Well I’m sure Studio 1, like Cakewalk Sonar, comes with a slew of nice mastering and eq plugins. And from what I’ve gathered from reading forums, there are more in depth features to programs like studio 1 or sonar budase etc.

But there are many under the reasonable impression that if you mostly compose in daw like renoise reason or fl, and all youy are looking for is a powerful daw you can rewire to so that you can record instruments and vocals and eventually master a cd, reaper can do all of that. Also reaper is very community oriented and you are more likely to get help in the forums than sonar (which i here can be futile) but I don’t know about studio one’s community and support. I did try Studio one not too long ago, and compared to sonar, it’s less bloated and very intuitive the way almost everything is drag and drop. I just prefer reaper because it’s all i need and it’s very powerful.

I tested this studio1 and nothing special, and they sell it now for the real price. No master features in artist version so i wonder why normaly it cots over 200$. For what? I guess i payed 20$ for samples :P

I also jumped the ship, in case I would want to use those plugins sometime in the future (or upgrade or some such). Haven’t played it with yet.

Proves that sales are effective.

Its good deal after all. And without all rewire, vst support, and mastering its worth that 20$, normaly i would never buy it :)

Mm, and so far updates have been free. I guess Artist version might at some point get some features from Pro as Pro gets developed further.

On second look today when i finaly found timestrech its pretty nice program, shame you can only install it 5 times.

s1 is clean and fast. my only gripe with it would be that it has no midi- routing ability. even the audio- routing is limited.
but thats no real showstopper. and again, the editing speed you can achieve with this app, right out of the box, is the best selling point here.

from what s-n-s said ie resampling, something else to create loops with is worth a punt; especially for 13 quid!

first impressions are that it is intuitive and quick but I’m not sure that I’ll be upgrading for £175

anyway, thanks for the heads-up; certainly keeps the API OCD in check :w00t: