Get This Groovy Party Started

I’m probably one of the few Renoise users that don’t use Renoise for electronic and EDM stuff, but wanted to share something with you anyways. I found this nice acapella file of Pink’s song “Get this party started” and played around a bit with it. Actually the first time I include vocals in a song, heh. After speeding it up quite a bit and playing with some VSTs I came up with this funky, groovy tune with some disco-esque influences.

Hope you like it, c&c welcome :)

Also have some ideas to do something with a rap acapella of a famous song and create a mixture of hiphop and orchestral/symphonic with that. Curious what that’ll be like :)/


I am just not a fan of the original at all…but this remix is an improvement for sure, and I definitely think the production is good/impressive.

Moar Cowbell !!