Getting Crackles In Project

Hey I just opened a project that I worked on last week, and I start to hear loud crackles which haven’t been there before… <_< any Idea how to solve that? I’d be surprised if it was for cpu reasons since I opened it just after booting?! :(

yep they do.

I’ve figured out now that the problem occurs in every song, and that it works when I switch from asio to directsound…funnily I haven’t had any problems with asio before! :\

Okay so this is a buffering problem.
(could also be some patching in the XP windows system lately that might be the blame for this)

Which means?:\

If you haven’t messed with your buffer settings prior to this problem ocurring, make sure your soundcard drivers are installed correctly. Also, make sure you have the latest DirectX version installed.

Crackles happen when your audio buffer is too small. Essentially, there is a certain limit that when reached, the buffer is read more quickly than it is filled. If you increase this buffer, the crackling should disappear. However, this inherently increases your audio latency.

If you really think that all your audio card settings are the same as before this problem started happening, and that the songs that you are trying to play have not changed, then I would check if there’s anything on your system that’s slowing it down and/or eating CPU cycles … viruses, spyware, etc. Double check that your CPU is running at it’s rated frequency - sometimes bios settings will inexplicably revert to “Default” settings …

i found something interesting that drew me to this thread.

in the sample editor, when you are in default view.

viewing a wav with a bit of silence in front of it, an then zooming in only horizontally to get the closest cut.

alright, now if you did nothing other than that, you should have a pop at the beginning of your sample.

i’ve been trying to figure out where some pops n snaps have been coming from. an its All because you must also zoom in Vertically to see the exact beginning of the wave form. i didn’t know this till just now!

Well I figured out now that the crackles stop by doing a quite stupid trick: I turn of ASIO mode to directsound and then turn on ASIO again and I hear no more crackles.
The problem might occur because I turned off my on-board soundcard in BIOS the week before. I had two cards installed: An EMU 404 and a shitty onboard card which was included on the mainboard, that I turned of.
The Crackles only appear after Start, or after rendering but go away thanks to this odd trick. :)

It might be that there are still traces of the onboard driver being active somewhere, you might overrule this by temporary enable the audiocard in the BIOS, then disable the drivers in Windows (or better uninstall them) and then disable the audiocard in the bios again.
(Or disable the drivers in Safe mode if you can still reach them there, anyhow you have to reboot your machine twice for it as installed drivers from non-detected devices are not active.)