Getting Dumber Or Smarter With Age?

On the one hand, I’m smarter.

On the other, I’m dumber.

Take this post for example.

How about you?

More dumberer. No doubtings about its.

smarter definitely. kind of like small awakenings one after the other… i’m only 21 though


I would say that even though we lose braincells, the amount of wisdom we gain is more than enough to compensate.

you’ve seen most stuff before but you’ve forgotten how much time you invested in learning something and hence give up faster (=

to be decided!

No you didn’t.

ah damn i voted ‘dumber’ but i thought i was voting for ‘Does Conner_BW get dumber or smarter with age?’… :)

Haha, yes!

I am dumber in a smarter way

“The more you know, the less you know” if you draw a circle and claim you know everything in this circle, there is still a whole lot outside the circle you don’t know.

Another thing is: You get born as a baby, poo and pee when you feel like it and talk gibberish language. When you grow old, you also poo and pee when you feel like it and likely talk gibberish language because you have forgotten the words.
What’s the difference?

You’re older.

Am I correct?! :lol:

You are correct but i’m not wetting my pants just yet.But regarding the gibberish,m you probably caught me red-handed.

I’m getting more and more neutral and regulated with time.
I mean : people need to exceed a kind of threeshold effect in me.
Under this threeshold effect there’s simply nothing,
I wont say I’m like a living dead. Let’s say that I do not express
great motivations.
And the threeshold parameter becomes higher and higher.
Sometimes I even simulate human reactions with my brain.
But there aren’t big feelings behind this simulation.
It’s just a trick to look normal.
One day I came to the conclusion that being stable, neutral
and regulated, could simply lead my friends to become
more and more… excessive, dumber, smarter,
more moronic, more brilliant… to compensate something
that is missing in my behaviour.

You definatly get smarter, if you keep your brain “young”, which musicians, scientists, artist etc tend to do who need their brain to solve problems, practice their imagination and creativity and use it everyday in their work, hobbby.

However you become a slower. Its like a computer, the more it know the longer it takes, but most times leads to better solutions.

This was recently proven, but I cant find the article.

But people like haircutters etc tend to get mentally stiff. They cant change their views of the world etc because they dont use their brain to learn
and solve problems, they dont think in a deep sence.

There are lots of example of some of the most known scientists/mathematicians who solved problems at a heigh age like 80 years, problems they could not solve as young.

Ofcourse it could also have to do with research.

The brain is so much more complex than muscles…

Though short time memory and some learning takes more time.
I continue to see and understand/grasp new things better than I did when I was 25 at my age of 34.

man, I just had a hell of a time trying to get python in my path seems like nothing i do will let the command prompt run it, i echoed the %path% and it’s right there at the end.
so said fuck you python! I think I just got smarter. :D

wondering if you became dumber probably means that you did not get smarter ;]