Getting Healthy Again

Before I quit The Mercury Rising, I had decided I was going to try to lose some weight. I made myself heavy on purpose previously because I had some sort of weird obsession with being big, not caring if it was healthy or not. By the time I had quit the band a few months ago I had lost about 25 pounds.

Anyway, after I quit the band for a great magnitude of reasons, I had sunk into a low I hadn’t seen in over 12 years, my drug problem got out of control, and had actually considered suicide–and needed to make a change immediately.

It’s been almost a month since I did weed (which increased my problems by a tenfold), I joined a gym, and have lost 25 pounds again and am down to 200 pounds from 250.




I am feeling great now. My goal weight is 150, and I believe I’ll be there in 6 months, in addition to being in shape–the gym has literally changed my life. I should have done this a long time ago.

Getting my life back together has been more important to me than getting my music back in order–and I believe that once I’m satisfied with my life, music will start to emerge.

I haven’t felt this happy to be alive since I was in college in the early 90’s.

Congratulations man! Big respect for being so brave and open about sharing your experience. Keep up the good work!

I don’t know you but it’s always good to hear of people picking themselves up and overcoming a bad turn in life. Good luck and stick to it :)

it’s always a pleasure to receive status reports from you; more pleasure comes when these reports are good. keep in shape and make some damn new music :)

Respect man…
I guess you had to go through hell considering you used drugs before, the remains of (unresolved substances) that usually keep hiding in your fatcells untill they get cleared out…

Don’t stop ever i should say… if you are rid of it, you can stay that way if you watch your lifestyle carefully !


Congrats dude! Drugs did nothing but mess up my life… that’s why I quit doing them. Yay for clear-headedness!

Congrats man… really glad to hear you will be back to trackering again soon :)

Personally I’ve been stuck around 230-250 for a few years now (from an all time low of around 175 when I was dancing a lot) … So I’d like to get back on track eventually as well :) I’m 6’0 so if I could maintain 200 that would be dandy with me

yeah good going man :)

congrats,and nice job

drugs havent done alot of good things to me,thats why im in rehab now,and i have never felt better :yeah:

Down to 185 pounds now, still not doing weed, and have a number of songs I’ve been working on. I’ve re-found myself musically, I’ve started pursuing doing voiceover work to bring in money (starting with doing voiceovers for voicemail systems “push one for customer service, two for billing”) and have a job coming up in a couple weeks for that, besides continuing my computer repair stuff.

I look like this now:

Great to hear you’re doing well.
Great these kind of topics pop up in this community.
Great you can inspire other people this way.

Deep Purple ;D

Nah. really i find this post especially uplifting.
Good style you got there.

Im working on keepin myself herb free also.
Keep at it. lookin’ good man.