Getting Instr. Parameter On The Fly

It would be awesome to open a vsti gui and being able to see the parameter i’m moving as first in the Instr. Automation’s list of parameters

Some vst’s have a ton of parameters available and when i need to use just one or two i almost get lost expanding the instr. autom window

Of course this should be used with vst fx gui’s too

I dunno if it’s possible just by scripting… please let me know what you think

maybe i was not too clear… what i mean is something like this:

i open the vsti window and i see its GUI - i put the Instr. Automation in my dspchain - i move a “knob” on the GUI - the Instr. Autom shows the parameter of the knob as first in the list so i can find it immediately and i don’t have to scroll through 20 or more parameters

Is it a good idea?

i rarely use VSTs, but i have in the past, and i know about parameter hell you are talking about. i was trying to find another topic that concerned this but could not find it, and then forgot to comment :)
i think something like this would be a good idea. hope someone else knows which topic i’m talking about and is able to find it…

Yeah, this could be scripted.

“Knob 2.0”


  • A big knob
  • 3 drop downs menus
  • “Refresh List” button

1st drop down is track (or Instrument)
2nd is the name of the plugin
3rd is parameters of said plugin
“Refresh List” button will repopulate the drop downs, in case you move stuff around.

As Instruments don’t have a list of Automation parameters, you have to use an Automation Device, I don’t see how this would work.

What would be nice would be a Learn function in the Automation Device, so you put it in Learn Mode, click on a as yet unassigned Fader to select, turn a knob on the Instrument (VST/AU/Etc) and it automatically gets assigned there.

Some VSTis have names that making finding the correct parameter impossible! Well without simple trial and error anyway…

+1 for Learn mode implemented in Instr. Automation device

Kazakore is spot on


I suggested this a while ago as it would make it waaaaay easier to harness the full power of softsynths. +1


+1 for this!!

ableton (since version 8) has a “configure” button that does exactly this - hit “configure”, move a parameter on the VST’s GUI, and it appears in that instrument’s list of automatable parameters.

for VSTs that have shitloads of cryptically named parameters, it’s damn near impossible to find them from renoise’s instrument automation device

me too. e.g. zebra is nightmare to automate in rns.

this would be fantastic.

i suppose it works by the DAW recognizing which automatable parameter just changed and then writing that to the automation lane.