Getting It On ..with A Mac

so , first time mac experience here , been playing with an old friends macbook ( ppc ) and have to say that I am pleasently surprised ,
But the best thing is this progam called , numerology …kinda like a verry advanced stepsequencer with all kinds of ( virtual ) cv , gate goodies …didn’t have that much fun since ages ,
So yep , I am really considering buying a macbook , just for this program alone ; rewired to renoise = great

I wonder where renoise is installed , since the mac doesn’t give an option for the install path , the renoise icon ( executable ) is installed on the desktop …tried looking for it in …library /programs …but no …
Any inssight on this matter ?
ANd yes I know , I will deinstall the program later on .

in order to “install” applicaitons like Renoise on the Mac, you have to drag the icon into the Application icon on the lower right border of the screen (the folder with the A embossed on it)

yeah , It was installed correctly , but I would like to know in which directory apple installs programs …I checked hd/programs/ , but it wasn’t there .

Numerology was installed in hd/programs , but renoise is just an exe file on the desktop
Is it possible that os x just installs executables on the desktop ?

this and perhaps /Users/username/Applications/ is where all apps should go.

You can make a folder in /Applications/ of course so it’s /Applications/Music/

Drag it where you want and then drag that to the dock.

Mac OS X is a bit more self-contained, and doesn’t really “install” programs in the same way that Windows does. You just have the program executable, and you can pretty much put that wherever you want. The usual location is the Applications folder, but it’s really up to you. So if you move Renoise from the desktop to the Applications folder, then it will be “installed” in Applications. Just move it to wherever you want it, and things will usually be ok.

yeah thanks …but I’ve figured that out by now…It’s nice that we can choose a location afterwards …
SO if we copy a program icon from it’s install path …to the dekstop …it automatically copies all the needed(hidden ) files embedded within the program ?

Another thing , I downloaded ( the very few ) some freeware audio units ( uhe zoyd , alphakanal) and these files are called components , are these the apple equivalent off dll’s ,what’s up with that .?

You can think of it more like a .ZIP archive. The program executable and other related files are simply packaged into a single file which you can “install” wherever you want to. The program itself may still create preferences and other files that will be stored elsewhere in the system, similar to your Windows “my documents” or “documents and settings” folders.

Audio Unit (AU) is another plugin format similar to VST. It’s treated in a slightly different way, but you can basically think of a Windows VST .dll as being similar to an AU component. One of the main differences is where you install the components. On OS X, the Audio Units are expected to be in a standard location: ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components

Disclaimer: I’m not a Mac owner or heavy Mac user. I’m simply relaying a few bits of basic information that I’ve picked up. I’m sure one of our other Mac-savvy forum members can give you much more detailed information than I can.

anyone knows a good free audio editor for mac …no audacity please …
wavosaur is windows only ( I love it ), there is a good one for mac , verry minimal interface , freeware but can’t remember the name …

@dblue you have correctly answered to everything
@gentleclockdivider: you can also use VST instruments in Mac format, I am having a short list of all plugins that am using, available here: As for editor, why do you need one when you have Renoise built in editor? If you need one, I’m afraid you will have to settle for Audacity or maybe try Wavepad, but they are just not that good like Wavosaur on Windows, for example. You can also use Ardour as wave editor, but that’s not too convenient.

hmm… maybe this:

found it , but damn I really thought it was freeware ,

I am having some trouble here saving a project .
So I created a renoise folder in users/name/renoise projects …but when I want to save the project , the mac only gives me a few destination options… …and there is no way I can choose the directory that I have created .iow …I can’t navigate to the renoise folder when saving .

aw right , just found out …hit the first triangle button :)
Maybe we can change this topic …
Newbie guide to osX

Good that you have found your way… yeah, topic name like crash course: mac os vs. renoise :)
As for Waveeditor, great program, I have licence for it, it’s one of those gems on Mac OS side, cheap concertning that it has so many options.

Anyone else having problems with the audio units versins of expert sleepers plugins ? ( augustus loop etc .I am using the demo’s for ppc
The knobs on the gui are not responding , where as the vst versions work fine …)

Hmmm this seems to be a problem with the au versions , since the gui is not responding in numerology too .
Ohh yeah for those who don’t know …numerology is awesome , but I gues most mac users already know that

Corgive me for not reading the entire post, but .exe files are for Win, so it sounds like you just need to download the mac version(dmg)

Again - sorry if this was already established or I misunderstood

yes I am aware of that , it seems that most au plugins have a gui problem ,I can only test them with renoise and numerology (demo version)
Automating an au parameter doesn’t update/animate the knob on the gui
Maybe it is because I am using an old ppc g4 , although the au’s are universal binary’s …

Been using the mac for a week now and meehh , I don’t really see any advantages over a ( stable :) windows machine …Maybe there are some advantages for those who develop stuff …
Renoise has crashed on me numerous times , only using freeware stuff ( the verry few that are available ) soo…the only reason why I would switch over is for this program called numerology …( five 12 )
I am totally blown away …anyone familiar with it ?
Its ridicilous what you can get out of it , so Yeah …sooner or later I’ll get a mac …unless’ numerology ’ comes out for windows …Did I mention It’s a fine program :)