Getting New Amplifier

i was wondering if there is a huge difference in sound quality
between my actual amp and the alesis ra-300.
well, i’m running a sanyo oldschool (dcx6000k to be precise) receiver right now.
i don’t even know it’s actual specs. everything i know
is that it sounds really ok.

my question is: would it be a real improvement
getting the alesis amp? is the difference really noticeable?
has anyone here made a similiar “upgrade” and could
report what i can expect from this?

btw: i really just use the sanyo as amplifier. i dont need its
several in-& outputs because all the gear i have is connected
to my mixer.

Depends on your speakers [monitors], which are a more important component than the receiver. Of course, the quality of your setup is as strong as the weakest link.

well, i have the alesis monitor one passive.

i dont know… i think that if you are pleased with your current amp then stick with it and buy something new only if you can judge with your own ears that other setup will improve something for you…

i heard some talk that alesis ra amps are not so good either, but it could be just some “audiophile” bitching around…

yes i know those audiophiles who claim they can hear the difference between 1 and 2 meter long cables. :ph34r: :rolleyes:

all i know is that the day i bought a “pro” soundcard, i could really hear the improvement between them and my old onboard ac97 i had.
it was a much bigger improvement in sound as i bought my alesis monitors a few months later.
now i have some spare money and would like to improve it a little bit more if it’s possible. :)
that’s why i’m asking.
all i heard is that amplifiers don’t mess up that much with linearity and such, but hey: my receiver is at least 25 years old. :)
does anybody have any expereince in this?

will, if your current amp is 25 years old and you have spare money then why not :)

although unfortunately i cant say anything about that particular amp…

Yeah, Sanyo is real oldskul ! :yeah:
One friend of mine have 20-years old Sanyo cassette boombox like those rappaz boomboxes you can see in early rap videos :P
And it still works fine! After 20 years…
There are no such hardware produsers in present days left :(
So you better don’t hurry to trash out your classic amp, man!

yes it’s a real solid peace of gear.

looks even better when turned on. :)

well, maybe i’ll just buy the alesis. if it’s not a real improvement i can return it and get myself a trigger finger instead. :P

Whoah! Yeah! Looks Massive! U’r lucky man, it’s an analog gear rarity ;)
And about ra-300 amp, i’ve heard from many sourses it’s finest combo 2 your passive Alesis mon’s for maximum flat monitoring.
(i own M1 active Mk2 so don’t need amp, but i’ve read many about your config)

So you should give a try with your own ears :walkman:

thx. :)

it’s what i’ll do. B)