Getting Samples Out Of Renoise

Hi. I recorded a live mix in renoise by routing the master tracks audio into the sample editor in renoise (using renoise to record the live mixing) And now I want to be able to get that long file out of the renoise session without making a midi note and enough patterns in the sequencer to get through the whole track. Is there a way to get the sounds out of the renoise song file. To unpack them? I see the audio files a FLACs and if you try to rename it it shows you the path were it is “songname.xrns/sampledata/instrument etc…” so how can I grab that file with out doing the long treacherous render.
Thanks in advance!
I’m running mac osx latest (not leopard)
p.s. cycling 74’s soundflower and soundflowerBed is super dope and free :)

two methods:

  1. you can save the sample using the disk operations dialog:

    highlight the sample you want to save, select “sample” radio button and choose where to save the sample, then press the disk icon.

  2. save the song, open it with WinRAR: you will be able to browse through samples.

a note: in “Edit => Preferences => Im/Export” you can set the sample file format (FLAC, OGG, WAV)

Is winrar for Mac?
and what is radio button,
can’t find place to choose wher to save, only re-name

get WinRar for MacOsX here

a radio button is a button which is part of a group of mutually exclusive choices.

the radio buttons in this picture:

are the little circles on the left, which labels are

  • Song
  • DSP Chain
  • Instrument
  • Sample
  • Theme

the “*” is the radio button to click.

the save button is this icon:

located in the middle bottom of the above image.

just on the right of this icon, there is a text field where to put the name of the sample.

a complete guide to file functions is available here

ok got it, sort of
thanks for your help