Getting Started In Renoise: Part 1 - Loops, Hits, Automation and FX

(midi error) #1

A slow summary of using renoise for the beginners!


(stoiximan) #2

Cool!!You should make a series of videos for Renoise.People need to know its not that difficult to use.Most people look at the gui and give up immediately.

(midi error) #3

Yeah, I’m doing this to help people see its not so difficult. As far as a whole series goes, that’s a matter of free time. You’re right, most people see the digits and run!

(Logical Impulse) #4

After only using renoise for a short time and then being away from it for a while this is a great refresher! Thanks for sharing!

(midi error) #5

Good news, glad it was of some help!

(joule) #6

Great stuff! Especially for enticing new users, I’d imagine.

9/10. 10/10 when context menus are shown :slight_smile:

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Part 2 is online

It was one video which took longer than I thought, so I chopped it into two.


(niNja_pWn3d) #8

GREAT shit man! Bloody brilliant <3 !

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thanks !