Getting Started With Composing For Video/film


I’d like to play with making music for movies, initially without any money involved. Did/do anyone here work with this?

If so, how did you get started? Not talking about the technical or musical aspects, more like “where can I legally find short clips (< 5 min) that I could play with” or “where can I get in touch with artists that needs music for their stuff”.

Again, I’m not asking for the email address of Steven Spielberg, more like-minded, creative souls that are working with video…


Film students are always in need of free music.

look out for stuff on the Talent Circle website (, occasionally good work comes up here. has many royalty free clips, some of which are silent B&W films

Also, contact any college with a film program… they’re always looking for free music.

Thanks for the tips, I downloaded the Elephants Dream in bits and pieces, am in the process of syncing the dialog again. Should be ready to throw some music together soon.

Also I dropped a post on, and was contacted by a guy planning a blender game. This means I’m gonna have to work with the blender audio engine, but should be fun…

Get and create your own :)
It’s a bit tough but It’s great fun!

*OOPS didn’t read the last post… LoL :)