Getting The "unexpectedly Quit" Error Message


I just registered 2.0 and when I quit Renoise I’m getting the “The application Renoise unexpectedly quit.” I’m on a Mac, 10.3.9. Renoise is running just fine when I’m using it–no crashing or freezing, which I’m very thankful for–but it’s a little disconcerting to receive the message every time I quit the program.

Any thoughts to what may be causing the problem? Any suggestion would be most appreciated. All apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere–I queried a bunch of times but I might have missed it.


P.S. I’d like to say thanks to vV, Bytesmasher, kaneel, It-Alien, taktik, Bantai, Foo?, BotB and all the other gurus and gods (that I’m forgetting but feel grateful to) for putting so much great information out there. I’ve been soaking my brain and I really appreciate what you guys are doing. And, of course, to the folks that make this program–it’s so great and incredibly affordable. Thank you!

Might be a plugin that crashes on a close event requested by Renoise.

But just in case:
-If you only open Renoise and also close it without having anything loaded, does the error still appears?
If the problem already starts here, then you might have a corrupted Renoise application (try reinstalling or redownloading and then reinstalling), if that does not work, you might have something hardwarewise not well.

I assume Renoise loads and quits nicely without having anything loaded so let’s try to isolate the problem counting on the fact plugins are involved (usually for 95% this is the case):
-Is this only happening with one or a few specific song(s)?
-If it happens with more songs, which plugins do they commonly share?
-Does starting a new song with those plugins cause the problem as well?
-Try starting a new song and leave another plugin out each time to isolate which one is the culprit.

If no plugins are involved, then send the song to Taktik at including your system specifications…

Plugins are the problem. I’ll figure out which one(s).


Would be great if you could let us know which plugins do cause this, so that can take a look at this.

haven’t had a moment yet, but will do.

Looks like Shuriken’s plugins are the culprit. I have CopyShop 2 and Bertill. However, I don’t think it has anything to do with Renoise. I’m running OSX 10.3.9 and when I downloaded the plugs I couldn’t tell if my OS version is supported (if anyone knows for sure I’d love to know). I tried the plugs in Live and it did the same thing, gave me the error message. Anyway, the situation (as far as I know) is harmless and the plugs seem to be working just fine.

Thanks for your help.