Ghost Notes

When tracking with renoise and constantly switching patterns notes often appear where i have physically placed them there myself
For example, if i have a snare drum that repeats for many patterns but doesnt for the last it will still be there but not play. theses “ghost” notes can’t be delted.

just noticed same post in bug report

hey, “Ghost notes” is a TradeMark by me!!

:angry::D :lol: :yeah: :drummer:

can anyone make those ghostnotes reproduceable ? I never have seen them here. does it maybe only happen when using more than one notecolumn ?

No Joke i made this post b4 seeing yours (it Alien). SO we have to share “Ghost Notes”

at my place ghosts only appear when using different pattern lengths in a song.
and they dont seem to care about single or multicolumn.

pattern break is FB00