How many couples have split because of renoise?
How many fights at home because of Renoise?
How many answers like “Yes my love, i’ll do it later…” (2 hours later --> fight!)
“Come to eat!!” - “Yes yes, 5 mn i finish my pattern” (2 hours later --> fight! and cold meal)
“We have no more sex!! Go to f**** with your Renoise!!!”

Worse than a drug, worse than a psychiatric disease, it’s the 3rd person in the couple!
(I am sure you have ever thought about renoise while having sex! and dreaming about playing patterns!)

Renoise is directly responsible of lot of disasters in user’s sentimental life, we should make a justice action against it or create a psychological support center for users and girl/boyfriends :P

I am sure that our girl/boyfriends will create a community “How to live with thoses renoise’s geeks addicted” :w00t:

I am still seeking the holy grail… a sexy female tracker :dribble: :D :yeah:

I’d definitely sue, Intl. if I would ever break with my girlfriend!

“We have no more sex!! Go to f**** with your Renoise!!!”


you could reply: ‘with renoise when i get bored of the looks i can switch to another theme’.

but i would probably make up with her hella fast :)

Good luck.

A good way to see eachother even less, but then at least you understand eachother.

Not if they’re going to coop. :)

I´w had ateast one argument because of making music with Renoise.
My ex told me a couple of times to stop playing around with Renoise.

And I probably missed having sex atleast a few times. But I have also gotten to have sex because of the music I have done in Renoise :)

I Agree about the Holy grail and I though for a while I had found it in my current girlfriend, because she enjoy singing and is a skilled pianoplayer, she even composed a pianopiece when she was 14 that sounds really professional. So I have tried to get her into composing again, but she don’t enjoy composing very much. She more enjoys playing other persons music! She don’t think very much of her music…

WTF! I just cannot understand that view I´ll try to give you guys a few samples of her music…

splajn you re really lucky to have a girl like that!

Mine sings like a dead cat and really doesn t have the tempo (she can’t clap her hands sync with a techno track more than 3 beats!) But she’s so nice and pretty :) (in case of she ll read this topic :P )

mine is inflatable


Some kind of funny topic, but a…

I split with my wife, to complete the album…it was six months ago.

In the war called “Renoise or My Wife”…renoise wins.

And this`s not a joke.

Well, if we’re going to get truly serious about this topic:

A man should never let his wife/girlfriend set the terms for his creativity. Not when, not why, not how. The issue is not really about “Renoise” or “music” or “hobbies”, it’s about integrity. See it this way: if you compromise in this area to please her, maybe she will reward you with more sex and affection. Short term. But in the long run, her respect for you will slowly fade away. Something deep inside her is changing. The relationship is doomed, and it’s only a matter of time now.

This is like that narrow passage in the movie “300”, held by Spartan warriors against the superior enemy. If you can’t hold that passage, evolutionary powers beyond your imagination will make you bleed and die.

Coop under the same roof with me is playing with your life, specially if both musical tastes are drastically different.


Damn, i`ll copy\paste this text and stick it on the wall!

some say the hex make the sex better


p.s. Chuck norris was the first man in the world who wins Tennis game versus wall.


Was that against Microsoft Firewall?

I never had a GF but Protracker, FT2, Xtracker, MPT and Renoise :D So it’s literally a tracking gangbang…

I bought my girl-friend her own laptop for her bday last month.
I get allot less shit now.


how is sex between a trackerist and a MMORPG user?