Glide After Noteoff - Amiga, Ft2 Compatibility


This is my first post, so please excuse if i do anything wrong. I noticed someone reporting a bug regarding the speed (amiga ticks) that was fixed quickly and
i then remembered this problem when listening to a bunch of XM chiptunes.

When writing something like this in a track:

A-401 G0F (glide)

B-401 G0F (glide)

Then the second glide will be close to silent due to the OFF-command. However according to FT2 and similar (milkytracker) the volume is restored when the second glide command appear.
This behaviour can also be true with other commands after OFF-command, such as slidecommands but i haven’t checked that out yet.

Attached is an example pattern, the first track is the original from the XM and the second track is a ‘fixed’ how it should sound.

Btw, thanks for an utterly brilliant update of Renoise. :walkman:

I love the new features and/but i also love both making and listening to chiptunes so i’d love playback as proper as possible.

Oh, and yes this is using the Beta 6 version on Windows 7 X64.

Renoise is not Ft2 and similar.
The only things that are fixed are completely wrong conversions of commands, but not the full interpretation of other trackers treat those.
If interpretation of Renoise treatment is in line with the other trackers, so be it. And if not, then so be it.

Yes you are right.

However that aside. I can understand that the glide-command doesn’t trigger new volume after a note-off as it can be used to glide out while envelope is doing it’s thing.

And i know Renoise is not to be in line with other trackers, but here’s just a freaky loony idea that maybe should be put into either the ideas/suggestions forum or the loonybin: :wacko: :lol:

  • What if having a separate range of (mod/ft2) compatible commandsets for just that reason? (for those few commands that are not 100% available in current commands)

Hello Surrogathora,

thing is, that this never ends. If we fix this, then we must fix all the other Amiga / FTII playback quirks as well. We can’t and don’t want to spend time on this, because we think that’s not worth it. We would like to spend time on Renoise itself instead.

Reverse engineering the Amiga MOD/FT2 playback routines is a hell of a job, would keep us busy for months, maybe even years if you want to make it perfect. Renoise is not a module player, it imports those old formats so that you can use them as a base for new songs. Nothing more and nothing less.

So for now we won’t even try to fix this issue. I hope you can understand this.

Probably we should make this clear by spitting out a warning after you load up a MOD/XM or IT song, or completely disable the import of such old formats.

Let me move this to thread to the ideas & suggestions forum. IF many people want that we take care of this, then we should of course consider this.

this would be very stupid.

Hello taktik,

Yes i understand the situation and i’ve written a few trackers back in the days and also a C++ modplayer that covers all the quirks which indeed was a hell of a job. Your reasoning is perfectly valid, i’m just doing some brainstorming here for supporting mod/xm’s as good as possible. (I also don’t necessarily mean it should be up to the Renoise devs to make it)

Back in the days i wrote a document covering all known quirks/tricks tracker-composers used that weren’t supposed to work. Maybe I could write a renoise-tool that analyzes modules and XM’s and prepares them for getting
imported properly?

Also as Jonas says, disable support would be a very bad decision imho. I think most Renoise users are well aware about that.

To point out why i wrote about this “bug” initially was the incoherent behaviour of not restoring the volume after a noteoff, whereas the slide-up/down command does, but not the glide command.

(reading the above, i also excuse english is not my native language ;P)