glide command in phrase

I found out, that the glide command in phrasesonly works , when the instrument has an AHDSR modulation on volume. Can someone explain me why?

Bug or “feature”? :slight_smile:

It works without them as well, if you’re talking about trying to glide notes in a phrase by having a glide command outside the phrase, that won’t work.

Bug or “feature”? :slight_smile:

“Feature”. But with the quotes, because it’s not neither really obvious nor intuitive.

And if someone doesn’t know that we’re talking about, it’s possible to achieve “live” gliding in instruments (playing notes with the keyboard, with pitch gliding from note to note. Usually you have to manually program this sort of thing into the pattern). Check out the factory content, “Instrument > Leads > Fuzzy Slide” for an example…

Ok, thank for reply. So it could be fixed in future releases, right?