Gliiitches - Gaendluim Onhe (free Album Download)

Hi all

Head to: here!

…and download my new album.

For fans of field recordings, glitchy noise, and little melody! :slight_smile:



Uhmmm. Listening (and loving it) at the moment!

Any chance of xrns-files?

Also what (if any) other software than renoise did you use for this?

Hey, thanks for checking it out :D

Unfortunately no XRNS files available. I use Renoise for putting together loops and then jam with them in Live, but I’m not too organised. My Renoise song files are kind of all over the place.

For my next set of tracks I’m going to be more organised. I’ve just come up with a Renoise song ‘template’ so I can bit a bit more consistant.

As for other software, I use Live, Sound Forge Audio Studio, Kore 2 plus various plug-ins (the main one being Synplant.)

Any tracks you liked in particular?