Glissando sample command

When using native sample instruments, I find myself using the glide command (‘Gxx’) to add a small amount of glide to the start of new nodes (like old monosynths). However, I also need to retrigger the envelopes with E00. This means I need to use two effect columns per track.

Thus I propose a new sample command, which takes a single parameter ‘xx’, which is equivalent to glide speed in 1/16th of semitones, but also retriggers all instrument envelopes (‘E00’).

The ‘obvious’ command names (‘P’, ‘G’) are already taken, any suggestions?

What about if Glide is part of the sample instrument?

Pitch envelopes.

Indeed, it would be nice, but I’m thinking of a way to do this without changing all the instruments.

They kind of work, but not really in this application.

I’ve used them in the past, but they are fixed. For example, if you have an octave bass line (c-3, c-4 repeating) the C-3 should glide down from C-4 and the C-4 should glide up from C-3