Glitch 2

Hi guys,

Just a very quick message to say that Glitch 2 is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Visit for more…


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Out of the (d)blue! Awesome :) Shared on my fb site.

Hopefully got the money next month for this plug.

Congratulations Kieran.

Great news! Congrats for making it become a reality.

I hope Glitch 2 will be even more successful than Glitch 1, and that thousands of people will buy a license.

I don’t get it, what is an intro price for a £40 plugin? This isn’t Ableton Live.

Use the demo and pay if you like it.

I paid. I’m happy. The end.


looks like hypothetical renoise 3 l&f ;)

I am buying it! Linux VST are so rare. I am having fun with it already :)

I’ll also add that I’m happy to see that dblue is actually placing a price tag on Glitch 2, making it a commercial product rather than something just given away for free.

Although I guess this means that Glitch won’t be included in the next Renoise version… or maybe it will.

Off topic:
Now I’m REALLY looking forward to see what the next Renoise version will bring, considering that dblue also said the following in that CDM interview when he joined the Renoise project as developer:

The original Glitch wasn’t free right at the beginning. I can probably find my receipt (email) if you don’t believe me ;)

Nah, I believe you.

What I meant is that I like the idea of a situation where it’s more plausible and possible for people like dblue to think “I’ll invest some time developing this new cool stuff today, because I can expect to get the costs/expenses (i.e. NOT engaging in other productive activities that could have generated money elsewhere instead) for that time paid back tomorrow, rather than having to pay for ALL of it myself”.

When dblue is putting a price tag on his product, it’s also a sign that he believes enough people are willing to support him in this regard - and that enough people will act to gain something that’s a personal value to them. People that don’t hold back in showing appreciation and support for what they value, knowing that they are making possible future improvements rather than forcing many developers out of their opportunities (especially the small developers).

To be honest, until I saw the pricetag (which is perfectly reasonable so don’t take this as a complaint) I was about to open my Flatr account and give him a tick, even though I feel unlikely to use it myself much with everything else I have on my fleet these days (haven’t done much music except jamming and messing in so long!) The previous price was something so small it was almost not worth having on it (five euros or thereabouts IIRC) and I can understand why he removed it and gave it for free, in the same way I can understand there being a pricetag attached to the new version.

What I really wanted to say was: Well done on getting fully (well as far as most arguments will go) Cross Platform with it! :)

I think its really cool, congratulations dblue on your new release :)

Ah yes, the plugin that killed IDM ;)

Congrats man! How long have you been working on it? Downloadin teh demoo!!

OUTSTANDING! This totally made my day. Purchased!

Congrats. :)

no, if i right remember ~30.

great revuvenation it is :)
wish you good sells !

So that’s where you’ve been hiding!

Awesome job! Keep it up!