Glitch 2

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I stand corrected! :)

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lol those drummers must be pretty bad if the guy in between them would rather wear headphones

hey congrats on Glitch2!!

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Congratz dblue! Finally cross platform release! :drummer:/>

Wonder what “Application and plugin framework” made by taktik means :unsure:/> … :panic:/>

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Yeah, I noticed that too. It also uses FreeType (just like Renoise) so it does seem likely that Glitch has been integrated natively in Renoise, although maybe not as a separate window. Maybe in a similar fashion like The Glue was integrated in Live. Or, in some kind of extended version that is more connected with other functions in Renoise, making it possible to send glitch automations to a clips arranger.

OMG! If those sexy colored blocks are also an indication of an upcoming linear arranger of clips in Renoise, I guess quite many users will be extremely happy!

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That’s quite interesting. Maybe Renoise will go the way of Reason and allow developers to create Propellerhead Re type plugins. If they want to go more commercial that is.

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If Renoise speculation was a job we’d all be working hard.

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If taktik and dblue are using a common framework that is reflected in Glitch, then it only seems plausible that the same framework could be applied to wider areas such as global clips and arranger stuff in Renoise.

But sure, it’s just speculation in the form of personal preferences and wishful thinking. Should be taken with some grain of salt.

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Sorry to burst any bubbles here, guys, but Glitch 2 has nothing to do with the progress of Renoise, so please don’t read too much into anything feature-wise. I’m simply borrowing some core framework elements that are also driving Renoise. Things like the graphical widgets, buttons, font rendering, etc., and a lot of other low-level stuff that I simply couldn’t manage on my own. I have to give big thanks to taktik for all his help here, because Glitch 2 simply wouldn’t exist otherwise.

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Great one!
Keep it on :walkman:

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yeah. the plugin that led to all your painful 4 hour long audio edits resulting in ‘yeah, i can spot glitch vst from a mile away’ comments. nice.

you deserve it, though. good job.

thank you for the nice sounding bit crusher and very influential easily controllable tape stop. i mean the ones in glitch1, not the other ones. :P.

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Wow Congratulation Dblue !!!

As i go back to school to learn a new profession money is rare, so do you think that there will be a discount for renoise user ???

:P :P :P :P :P

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Cheers for dblue!

It reminds me of Arkanoid. Can a little spaceship, brick scores, aliens and a metal ball be added for version 3 please? ;)

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Believe it or not, I did actually plan to include this as an easter egg :)

Simply didn’t get around to it yet, but it would definitely be funny as hell.

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It would be really funny if the blocks still controlled the effect. It wouldn’t be very musical though, you’d just start with glitch-saturated madness and end up with the clean signal.

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Was also thinking the exact same thing :)

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dBlue, I am afraid that open source “god of musicians” put curse on you:

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 8:04 AM, Paul Davis wrote:

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 7:37 AM, Dave Phillips wrote:


Looks cool, but someone’s understanding of the VST spec is wrong. Probably Ardour’s.

This puppy calls audioMasterNeedIdle while being instantiated. Not cool. Will fix A3 ASAP.

fixed in git master branch. but i can’t recommend this plugin as-is:

(a) it does GUI stuff when instantiated, even if the user doesn’t plan to use the GUI (or maybe is on an embedded box and has no GUI)
( B)/> it crashes during shutdown
© the GUI knob controls do not respond normally to my attempts to move them (if they respond at all)


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Thanks for reporting. Is this from a forum thread somewhere, or a private email conversation? It’d be great to get a bit more context here, a bit more of the story, and so on.

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I have been using the 1.x version for a while, so I jumped all over this shit and bought a license.

Of course, I didn’t realize that dblue and Illformed were like one and the same. Learn something new every day.

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it’s on the linux-audio-user mailing list:

i had heard through the grapevine that renoise used JUCE. is there any truth to that, or is taktik’s framework completely home-grown?