Glitch 2

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plain TRUCE
(Taktik’s Renoise Utility Class Extensions)

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Hey cool, played with it a bit, considering buying it. Is there any manual outthere? I kind-of get it :slight_smile:

In the hope that nobody gets killed, I’d like to direct your attention to the linux-audio-users list, where quite some people seem to have trouble with glitch2, even in renoise. I couldn’t resist posting a message there, recommending that they mail you to help you fix the bug. Paul Davis (author of Ardour) already fixed a bug in Ardour because of glitch2, but there seems to be some issues remaining.


Awesome, I can finally try this out now thats available for OSx… Congrats on the release :)

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Yay. This will need a few iterations on all sides, especially on Linux, where VSTs are still über-experimental and rarely supported. We all (Renoise, Glitch, JUCE based VSTs and all the Linux hosts) should try to work together here to try to solve all this as good as possible…

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Well, generate some SDK snippets of your VST solutions (ofcourse differing from the Steinberg NDA license, i’m not exactly familiar with what is holding Linux developers back from supporting VST’s regarding that license) and make those open source to the linux world, it makes perhaps the ball rolling.

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kazacore: Hold on to that email receipt! a long time ago when dblue was in #renoise there were a lot of users asking him questions about glitch2 and iirc he mentioned that users who bought glitch when it was on sale will get some kind of discount.

Beautiful work man! I know just what to ask for my birthday! Until then I’ll have to tinker and render using the last 32 lines. At first I was sad to see my beloved shuffle effect(great on highats and clickity blips)from previous glitch wasnt in the new line-up but after painting around with this I’m sure ill be fine. Speaking of previous glitch, is it disappearing from illformed for good? I cant seem to find it. anywho, cheers and thank you for your hard work!

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I’ll be adding an improved version of the shuffler in a coming update :)

For now, I simply want people to focus on the new hotness, so I’m redirecting traffic from the old to the new I’ll keep .org as my personal blog and dumping ground for random music clips and other junk, and then .com will be for my plugins and other future products.

If someone contacts me directly and needs a backup copy of Glitch 1.3 for some old song/project they’re revamping, then I’ll gladly provide it to them. Otherwise, I’m retiring the old version.

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Congrats on v2, just bought a license and am very pleased. Love the interface, feels like an extension of Renoise itself.

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Linux :drummer:

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Still a bit of a work in progress, however :)

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This is looking pretty awesome Kieran!! I’ll be off for a while, but will grab a license as soon as I get back!

I hope all the best for you. Let’s make it a big succes!

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awseome instrument!!!

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tbh, I couldn’t resist buying a 64-bit Linux VST, those are kind of rare. :) Got one question though: dblue, is it possible to run glitch when the host isn’t playing audio? I couldn’t find a way to freerun the plugin, it seems to step forward and process sound only when Renoise is playing the track. If it’s not currently possible then perhaps you can add that as a feature in the future upgrades? This could really save a couple of use cases.

(dblue) #54

Not at the moment, but I do plan to expand the sequencer modes later. I’ll add some kind of free-running mode that just plays no matter what, and I’ll probably also add a one-shot mode which only plays once after you hit a note, etc. Lots of ideas to explore :)

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Thanks, good to know. The “free-running mode that just plays no matter what” sounds interesting, but I actually had in mind a free-running mode that jumps onto the host’s wagon as soon as you hit Play in the host - looks a bit more convenient. Hopefully you’ll have time to explore this idea as well. And hey, it’s a really neat plugin with very digital sound! Also very stable under Renoise on Linux, great work!

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I also am not complaining, but I did in fact grab my wallet when i seen it available ,Went to the site and put my wallet down and said “Not in the budget this month” Demo pon teh download though :)

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I think I misunderstood your original post. Oops!

You’re saying that Glitch stops when there’s no audio in the track, ie. when the track is silent. This is simply due to Renoise’s auto-suspend feature. If there’s no audio to process, Renoise will suspend the plugin, and therefore the sequencer doesn’t update any more. To prevent this from happening, simply open the plugin compatibility settings with the [?] button in the DSP chain, then disable auto-suspend.

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No, you got it right. Glitch sequencer stops when you hit stop (spacebar) in Renoise. If you just play some notes from keyboard or midi keyboard after that, you won’t have any of the Glitch effects on the sound. There are no effects before you start playing the track as well. It happens with or without auto-suspend.

This ^ and I got another question while playing with Glitch just now - is there a way to switch a single effect on and off at random position(s) inside a sequence? Currently I manage to do this by having 2 effects in Randomizer at 50%, one of them having Mix control set all they way to the zero, but the Randomizer always chooses the same order of effects with every sequencer pass. The Randomizer control called Randomizer doesn’t have any effect on this. In fact it doesn’t seem to have any effect at all. Any ideas?

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Glitch depends on position changes in its host for it to run along with the song. For testing while the song is not playing, any particular VST would need to offer an internal sequencer or LFO that allows you to trigger these events.